Hi! My name is Alexis!

Me and some vines

I want to create a place that chronicles our EVERYDAY PAIRING of the wines we drink and the meals we share–home cooked meals for the family. As much as I want to eat at fancy restaurants every single day, that isn’t practical. I would rather buy quality ingredients and exceptional (but affordable) wines from around the world.

For years, when I cooked a meal for my family, I wanted to choose the right wine. I knew the two basic rules: white wine with white meats, red wine with red meats. But I knew there was more to the story.

Did you know that light reds like Beaujolais or Pinot Noir go perfectly with roast chicken? Did you know that the classic white Chardonnay elevated baked ham? How about this EVERYDAY PAIRING: fried chicken and champagne!

I would scour the internet and Pinterest while menu planning. Trying to find the perfect wines is harder than you would think. Yes, I could usually find something that would give me a clue about what to choose, but nothing was ever easy to find. I spent needless hours looking for a comprehensive guide. 

So I decided to make one. 

What makes me think I can do this? Well, for staters I have been drinking wine for SEVERAL decades. Like more than one, or two. Yeah, I guess I am old-ish. At least middle aged. Also, I like to cook. I have always enjoyed it, and in an alternate universe I would like to think that I would have attended the Culinary Institute of America and now ran a fancy kitchen. In reality, I watched and helped my mom and grandma cook. Now, I cook for my family. My picky family who is dragged kicking and screaming and possibly crying into what I want to make them eat. At least occasionally. My husband is much more willing to try new things. My teen son, not so much. More for me. (And don’t get me wrong, none of us are starving over here).

Me and my boys

And….here is a biggie…this year I decided to do something for myself. I enrolled in the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and passed both my Level 1 and Level 2 exams. I am debating enrolling for WSET Level 3 in the new year. The idea of blind tastings terrify me!

There is my resume, for what it is. I am a wife and mother, cook, and semi-educated wino. I like to explore cuisines of the world, make (occasionally healthy) meals and elevate them with the addition of the right wine, or at least a wine that seems right for whatever I am forcing down my family’s throat. It could be high brow, it could be slop. Prime rib to macaroni and cheese. Sometimes it’s a celebration, sometimes it’s a Tuesday. It is always an EVERYDAY PAIRING, homemade, with love (awwwww…cheesey).

What you will find here is an ever growing list of wine reviews, recipes paired with a type of wine, and a massive list of varietals. I built a page for each style of wine, common pairings per varietal, and recipes gleaned from all over the internet, Pinterest, charts, cookbooks, magazines, as well as my family recipe box. My intention isn’t to recreate the wheel, it is to organize it!

Anyone can pair wines with a home cooked meal.

**Disclaimer** I am neither a chef nor sommelier. I got my information via research online, in books, at wineries, eating in restaurants, from friends, family, and probably way too many strangers. I am making HUGE generalizations in what I am recommending for pairings between food and wines. Use your best judgement.