Zinfandel aka Primitivo, Tribidrog, Crljanak Kaštelanski

Zinfandel grapes ripening on the vine

Common Styles: Blends, Rosé, Medium Red, Full Red

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Candy/Dessert: snickers, kit kat, m&ms, milk chocolate, dark chocolate mint, dark semi-sweet chocolate, red velvet cookies, fudge crinkle cookies, peanut butter sandwich, tagalongs, peanut butter and chocolate cookies, fruit and nut breads, old fashioned donut, turtle cookie, carrot cake cupcake, good humor strawberry shortcake bar

Fruits and Vegetables: figs, pears, red apples, plums, peaches, eggplant, tomato, mushroom, root vegetable, leeks, olives, sweet potato, legumes, fennel

Cheese and Nuts: goat, feta, smoked gouda, parmesan, jack, cheddar, sheep, blue, walnuts, gouda, almonds, pecans, jalapeño cheese, hot buffalo cheese, brie, camembert

Spices and Sauces: bay leaf, mint, oregano, rosemary, black pepper, fennel seed, cinnamon, clove, ginger, Italian, sage, nuts, curry, bbq, cajun, aged cheese, chimichurri, spicy, tomato

Savory: burgers, chili, ribs, hot dogs, meatball subs, sea salt and pepper popcorn, chili lime popcorn, Margherita pizza, beef nachos, bbq chips, canadian bacon and pineapple pizza, pizza, breadsticks, marinara, buffalo wings, blue cheese dressing, bratwurst, duck, squab, sausage, beef, lamb, pork, bbq ribs, indian dishes, pepperoni pizza, chicken fajitas, cornbread, earthy stews, braised meats, grilled meats, roasted pork, lamb, pasta bolognese, roasted turkey, roasted chicken, beef tenderloin, rack of lamb, moroccan tangine, spicy Turkish dishes, meatloaf, meat lasagna